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Alpha Shooting All-in One Astronaut

Alpha Shooting All-in One Astronaut
Alpha Shooting All-in One Astronaut
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Met Alpha Shooting 9043 Games




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4 player  43 inch Gun Shooting Game  with  LED  + remote
Game:   9043       game list attached

Include  2 Alpha Light Guns  + 1 Infrared ray receiver

Spec. of the PC :

CPU: I5-9400F 
RAM: 8G 
Graphic Card:GTX 750Ti
SSD: 480 GB

Install 1 * 3 inch trackball

Install 2 *cup holders and 1* bottle opener 

+ 2 * gun wires holder

Size:  115.5*81.27*187.64 cm

Weight : 120 kg

Game Machine Features: 

1. unique gun feature ---  D-pad .    Brand New Design Light Gun With D pad
2. Players can use the gun do start the game / add credit / navigate the menu, they don't need to do it on the arcade control panel . Just use the gun to control everything is ok .
And because it has D-pad we can play the gun game like 2 Spicy. 

3. We can save state / load state , players can continue playing the games from previous status .
4. Coin operated / Free play supported 
5.Unique design game  system as the market demands and experience , very easy to use. Simple as pandora box system
6. Standard Jamma connection, easy for maintenance
7. With 20+  emulators / platforms ,  N64 / PSP/ PS1 / Dream Cast / Wii  / DC/ Naomi/ Atomiswave/ Saturn/ Game CUBE/ MAME/FC/ SFC / GBA/ GBC / MD / FBA / PCE   …

8. HD mode supported 
9.  1 button direct to Search Game  / Add Favorites  
10. Not only just classify games by emulators , but also game types 
11. Hide Games from Game List supported 

12.High performance PC , can run games like the house of dead 4, Aliens Extermination , Let's Go Island, Rambo , Big buck hunter  , Time crisis , Attack of the Movies 3D,Ghost Squad, Point Blank 3, 2 Spicy, Transformers  ( those games are on the games list ). with many 3D games .

Spec. of the PC :

CPU: I5-9400F 
RAM: 8G 
Graphic Card:GTX 750Ti
SSD: 480 GB

13. Recoil guns  Alpha Light Gun

14. With Subwoofer and LED lighting 


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